[UL Listed] Pwr+ Extra Long 6.5 Ft Cord Asus Transformer Book-T100 T100TA T100TAM T100TAF T100HA T101HA; ZenPad; ASUS MeMO Pad 7 8 10 TF103C TF103CX TF0310C Charger Asus-Tablet Ac Adapter-Power-Cord

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Compatibility: This product has been tested and validated to verify it works with Asus tablets

Asus Transformer Book T100, T100TAF, T100TAM, T100TAR, T100TA, T100HA, T101HA:
T100HA-C4-GR T100TA-B1 T100TA-B1-GR T100TA-C1-EDU T100TA-C1-GR T100TA-C1-GRS T100TA-C1-RD T100TA-C1-RDS T100TA-C1-WHS T100TA-C2-EDU T100TA-C2-GR T100TA-H1-GR T100TA-H1-RD T100TA-H2-GR T100TA-RH11T-OB T100TAF-B1-BF T100TAF-B1-MS T100TAF-B11-GR T100TAF-B12-GR T100TAF-B14-GR T100TAF-C1-GR T100TAM-C1-GM T100TAM-C12-GR T100TAM-H1-GM T100TAM-H2-GM

Asus Transformer Pad MG10, MG103C, TF103C, TF103CE, TF103CX, TF0310C:
MG103C-A1-GR TF0310-A1-BK-S TF0310C-A1-BK TF103C-A1-BK TF103C-A1-Bundle TF103C-A2 TF103CX-A1-BK

ASUS MeMO Pad 7, 8, 10, HD, FHD, LTE, Smart 10: ME102 ME102A ME170C ME170CX ME172 ME172V ME173L ME173X ME176CE ME176CX ME180A ME181C ME301T ME302C ME302KL ME375CL ME572 ME572C ME581CL ME7000C ME70C ME70CX MG181C:
ME102A-A1 ME102A-A1-GR ME102A-A1-PK ME170C-8G-BK ME170CX-A1-BK ME172V-A1 ME172V-A1-GR ME172V-A1-PK ME172V-A1-WH ME172V-B1-WH ME173X-A1 ME173X-A1-BL ME173X-A1-PK ME173X-A1-WH ME176CE-A1-EDU ME176CX-A1 ME176CX-A1-BK ME176CX-A1-LB ME176CX-A1-RD ME176CX-A1-WH ME176CX-A1-YL ME180A-A1-WH ME181C-A1-BK ME181C-A1-LB ME181C-A1-WH ME181CX-A1-BK ME301T-A1 ME301T-A1-BL ME302C-A1 ME302C-A1-BL; K0W, K00B, K00L, K00F, K005, K00A, K001
ASUS VivoTab 8 M81C, M81C-B1-BK; Smart ME400 ME400C, ME400C-C2-BK, ME400C-C1-BK, ME400C-C1-WH; ASUS VivoTab Note 8 M80TA M80TA-B1-BK, M80TA-C1-BK
ASUS Eee Note EA800; ASUS Eee Reader DR900; Asus Eee Pad MeMO ME171
ASUS ZenPad C 7.0 Z170C, Z170C-A1-BK
ASUS ZenPad 8.0 Z380C, Z380CX, Z380KL, Z380M, Z380C-A1-BK, Z380CX-A2, Z380M-A2-GR
ASUS ZenPad 10 Z300M, Z300C, Z300CG, Z300CL, Z300C-A1, Z300C-A1-M, Z300C-A1-MT, Z300C-A1-BK, Z300M-A2-GR

P/N: AD2061320 AD83531 AS0102 EXA1205EA PA-1050-39 PA-1070-07

PWR+ CHARGER – Introducing Improved Replacement for OEM Original Asus Charger at Half the Price. PWR+ Charger carries REAL Safety Certification from US based Testing Lab (Underwriters Laboratories – UL). Only PWR+ Chargers have Total Cord Length Extended to 6.5 Ft (Competitor’s Products are Only 3-4 Ft Long) . That is The Real Deal Charger that may be Head Above any Private Label Generic Equivalent or ” Genuine ” Asus Charger from a Dropshipper with out a US warehouse
CHECK CONNECTOR & POWER SPECS: Input Voltage Range: AC 100V – 240V / Rapid Power: 5V 2.1A / Smart Fast Charge / Steel-Reinforced Micro-USB Tip for Extended Usability / Made in Taiwan / ! Check Plug Photo !
SAFETY / UL LISTED : Approved for Sale in the USA and Canada by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). UL number assigned to this Pwr+ product is unique and might be verified on UL web page. UL LLC is an American around the world safety consulting and certification company approved to perform safety testing by the USA federal agency Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
COMPATIBILITY: Asus 90XB01PP-MPW010 10w Table Power Adapter for Asus Transformer Book T100 T100TA T100TAM T100TAF T100HA T101HA T100TA-C1-GR T100TA-C1-GR(S) T100TA-C2-GR T100TA-B1-GR T100TA-B2-GR T100TA-RH11T-OB; ALL ASUS MeMOPad 7″, 8″, 10″ series, TF103 series, all Fonepad and all Padfone ; ASUS MeMO Pad 7 8 10 HD FHD-LTE; ASUS ZenPad C 7.0, 8.0, 10; 7 Z170C Z170C-A1-BK; 8 Z380C Z380CX Z380KL Z380M; 10 Z300M Z300C Z300CL P/N: PA-1070-07 AD83531
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We are US based Company that Wants your Repeat Business so, if You Do Not Like our Product or Don’t Want It For Any Reason, We Will Happily Accept The Return and Give You Your Money Back. No Questions Asked. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee – 24 Months – Exchange – Phone Service is To be had (Hint: At all times Check if Seller also ships Product from their US based warehouse – non FBA listing)


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